How To Make An Extra Dry Vodka Martini - (2023)

Our Take On The Delicious Espresso Martini Cocktail Includes A Hint Of Coffee Liqueur To Round Out The Rich And Bitter Notes Of Espresso

How To Make a Dry Martini to Extra Dry Martini

Ingredients · 2 ounces vodka · 1/2 ounce coffee liqueur · 1 ounce espresso, freshly brewed · 1/2 ounce . · shake in a cocktail shaker. Learn how to make an espresso martini, a bold cocktail that combines coffee liqueur, ice and coffee beans served into a martini glass. Total wine & more provides the lowest prices on ingredients for wine, liquor, . Make a shot of espresso using an espresso maker or in an aeropress. Shop this recipe to make the best espresso martini cocktail at home! Our take on the delicious espresso martini cocktail includes a hint of coffee liqueur to round out the rich and bitter notes of espresso. 50 ml vodka 30 ml kahlúa 10 ml sugar syrup 1 strong espresso. Chemist espresso martini · make whipped cream in a cream whipper or cocktail shaker, store in fridge · add 151 rum to double walled cappuccino . Ingredients · 3/4 ounce coffee liqueur, preferably galliano ristretto · 1 1/2 ounces vodka, preferably aylesbury duck · 1 ounce fresh espresso. Pour all ingredients into cocktail shaker, shake well with ice, . It is not a true martini as it contains . Classic espresso martini · 2oz vodka · 1oz espresso ·.5oz coffee liqueur · 1/4oz simple syrup · 3 whole .

Our take on the delicious espresso martini cocktail includes a hint of coffee liqueur to round out the rich and bitter notes of espresso espresso martini. Total wine & more provides the lowest prices on ingredients for wine, liquor, .

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This Northwest Brewery Has A Brilliant Side Hustle

Fast forward to the extra dry vodka martini, which has neither vermouth nor gin, and is in essence pure ethanol and water chilled and served with olives, said Caporale.

Caporale said this led to no flavor to offend, but also none to attract, with the sole exception being the olives and more importantly, their salty brine. Consumers continued to want the glass but still werent enjoying the actual liquid enough, and requests came in for more and ever more olives, until some intrepid customer must have told a barkeep, Cut to the chase, just pour some olive brine in there, said Caporale.

According to Caporale, that resulted in: The story of the dirty vodka martini, which is: The story of over a century spent systematically removing flavor from a still-classic drink , and then in desperation adding one the most common and addictive flavoring chemicals in the world: salt, said Caporale.

Maybe thats harsh. But for those of us who love the dirty martini just the way it is, there remains several directions to take it!

As a bartender, as well as a consumer, I have always felt that a dirty gin martini was what the original creators of the dirty martini had in mind the first time they mixed gin and vermouth, said Jordan Johnson, lead bartender of The Register in Nashville.

This, said Johnson, makes it a difficult cocktail, but if you have a good basic recipe to lean on, it can make the process that much more attainable.

Stirring is key


The Perfect Dry Martini Recipe

Fill a glass with ice. Add 1 part Noilly Prat Original Dry to 2 parts Bombay Sapphire or Grey Goose with a dash of orange bitters. Stir for 20 seconds Strain into a classic cocktail glass. Cut the zest of a lemon into a strip, twist it and waft it over the glass and add OR add an olive or two on a stick. Drink and be very, very sophisticated.

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How Many Classic Dirty Vodka Martinis Should I Drink

According to The Spruce Eats,The vodka martini follows suit with the gin martini, Manhattan, and other liquor-vermouth combo cocktails: Theyre not light drinks. With an 80-proof vodka and the average vermouth in this recipes ratio, it mixes up to about 28 percent ABV . To put that into perspective, two martinis are stronger than a straight shot of vodka. Sip slowly and know your personal limit.

The Perfect Dry Martini Step By Step

How To Make An Extra Dry Vodka Martini - (1)

The simplicity is nought without the touch, however that certain something which all the best bartenders possess, and which elevates the ordinary into the extraordinary. The real secret lies in the quality of the ingredients gin, or vodka, and vermouth let there be no mistake that they need to be the best you can afford, as budget brands just wont cut the mustard. These days most martinis are made with vodka. For this, use the unparalleled Grey Goose. However, to my mind, the best martini is made with gin, and I would always go for the timeless Bombay Sapphire, with its ballsy aromatics and citrusy finish. For the vermouth, accept no alternative it has to be Noilly Prat Original Dry. In 1911, the head bartender at the Knickerbocker Hotel in New York declared the that only vermouth to use was a Noilly Prat Original Dry you guessed it, his name was Martini. You can read about this amazing drink and its roots in my feature, wherein I search for the perfect martini. Make sure everything is chilled, including your glass, and follow these steps to become an at-home martini maestro.

This isnt a prescriptive method you can flex it to suit your taste but the basics are all here.

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How To Make A Classic Vodka Martini

This is the classic recipe for a vodka martini. You can change or adapt it based on your own personal taste by adding more or less dry vermouth.

  • 3 ounces high quality vodka
  • 1 bar spoon extra dry vermouth
  • Ice
  • In a mixing glass, combine the vodka and vermouth.
  • Add the ice and stir for a good minute or two.
  • Strain into the chilled martini glass.
  • Garnish with a Spanish olive.
  • Dirty Gibson And Vesper Martinis

    These are the three famous types of martini that every bartender worth their salt will know how to make.

    Dirty: A little splash of olive juice in the martini. “You still have to ask for degrees depending on how ‘dirty’ you like it,” Katz said. “I’ve found that people who really like dirty martinis like them really dirty, and then you just garnish with an olive to bolster that characteristic.”

    Gibson: Can be made either with gin or vodka, but “instead of a classic garnish like a twist or an olive, you get a pearl onion,” Katz said. “I’ve also seen Gibsons made with pickled onions and an olive.”

    Vesper: For those wanting to order a martini like James Bond, this is the drink for you. First described in the book “Casino Royale,” the vesper martini was originally made with gin, vodka, and Kina Lillet, a type of bitter wine aperitif.

    “Because Kina Lillet has become so rare, people nowadays will substitute another aperitif wine called Cocchi Americano,” Katz told us. “And always remember if you order a Vesper, you’re compounding the booze with gin and vodka.” In other words, this is not the drink-of-choice for a lightweight.

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    Why Is Vermouth Hated

    People hate it because they have only tasted the old, dull, flat, bad vermouth. But when its not bad, its very good. Storing vermouth in a cold, dark environment will retain the flavor far longer than storing at room temperature, where it does what wine does: oxidizes, expels volatile aromatics, and goes flat.

    Should A Martini Be Shaken Or Stirred

    How to make a Classic Vodka Martini – With Boyd and Blair Vodka

    Martinis and any other booze-forward cocktail for that matter should be stirred. Stirring produces a silky mouth-feel with precise dilution and perfect clarity, says Elliot Ball, co-founder of The Cocktail Trading Companys The Development Bar & Table in London. While shaking adds texture and aeration, changes the mouth-feel and binds ingredients that would readily separate with simple stirring.

    How to properly stir a martini: Stir by twisting the bar spoon from the top so that that back of the spoon goes around the mixing glass evenly the ingredients come together, the cocktail chills, but the drinks components arent diluted with melting ice, and in turn doesnt get cloudy. The result is a clear, spirit-strong cocktail. That is until you make it dirty!

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    Dry Vermouth For A Dirty Martini

    This is a bianco vermouth, which is a dry vermouth with just a hint of sweetness added not so much that it becomes a sweet vermouth, but not bone dry, either. This hint of sweetness brings balance to the olive brine in a dirty martini while its citrus notes and aromatics work well with the profile of the Drumshanbo gunpowder gin for a beautifully balanced and aromatic dirty martini. Alternatively, you can use Noilly Prat extra-dry vermouth, which has an aromatic profile that works well in a dirty martini for people who prefer an extremely dry martini.

    What Is A Dirty Martini

    A dirty martini is a regular martini that is made dirty with the addition of olive brine. While most dirty martini recipes call for a little brine and some Vermouth, we opt to take out the Vermouth and add in more brine. The result is a very cold and flavorful cocktail that olive lovers will fall head over heels for.

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    What’s In A Name A Lot Actually

    There are a bunch of different ways to order a proper martini, here are the basics you should know when ordering this classic cocktail.

    What are the main differences in dry martini vs wet martini or a dirty martini?

    • If you order a dry martini it means that you’d like less vermouth in your cocktail. A very dry martini would contain little to no vermouth one might just roll the vermouth in the glass so that a thin film coats it — nothing more.
    • Ordering a wet martini will mean more vermouth in your cocktail than the standard five-to-one ratio.
    • A dirty martini comes with a splash of olive brine or olive juice for an additional flavor kick.

    Flavor Ice With Vermouth For A Dry Martini

    How To Make An Extra Dry Vodka Martini - (2)

    You can also create a dry martini and limit vermouth by flavoring the ice with the vermouth before adding vodka. To do this:

  • Add ½ ounce of extra dry vermouth to ice in a mixing glass.
  • Stir the vermouth with the ice for one minute to flavor the ice.
  • Strain the vermouth out of the ice and discard the vermouth, keeping the ice.
  • Add the vodka to the saved ice in the mixing glass and stir for one to two minutes.
  • Strain into your chilled martini glass and garnish.
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    Optional Vodka Martini Add

    Some people like to add a few dashes of cocktail bitters to liven up a vodka martini. The bitters don’t impart bitter flavors. Rather, they add additional aromatics and help bring the cocktail ingredients together. Try one or two dashes of orange or cardamom bitters or just a dash or two of Angostura or Peychaud’s bitters for an interesting take on a vodka martini.

    Olive Garnish For A Dirty Martini

    The classic garnish for dirty martinis are either unstuffed Spanish olives or blue cheese stuffed olives, although you may see other garnishes such as a lemon twist. Blue cheese stuffed olives add a spicy, sharp bite to the end of the martini as well as hitting your nose with blue cheese aromatics as you sip. Dirty Sue makes some of the best blue cheese stuffed olives around. If youre not a blue cheese fan, you can try Dirty Sues feta stuffed olives, a pimento stuffed Spanish olive, or simply add your favorite pitted Spanish olive.

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    Vodkas I Like For Dirty Martinis

    The quality of vodka is defined in a few ways. First, the amount of Heat it has is important. A good clean vodka doesnt feel like it is burning your tongue. A good clean taste that is smooth and doesnt burn your tongue is preferable.

    Next, the type of water and the type of grain, vegetable, or even fruit makes a difference. The best vodkas are made from specific wheat grain. However, there are perfectly good vodkas made from potatoes, grapes, and even beets.

    Here are some I can personally recommend:

    • Grey Goose French vodka
    • Stoli Often ranked as the best Russian vodka
    • Square One a great domestic vodka

    Does James Bond Drink Gin Or Vodka Martinis

    How to Make a Dry Martini

    Although there is a lot of discussion on the Vesper, it is only ordered once throughout Flemings novels and by later books Bond is ordering regular vodka martinis, though he also drinks regular gin martinis. In total, Bond orders 19 vodka martinis and 16 gin martinis throughout Flemings novels and short stories.

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    How To Make A Dirty Martini

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    A Dirty Martini is a classic vodka or gin martini that is made with a splash of olive juice. Simple and yet surprisingly customizable, martinis were traditionally made only with gin. However, the last several decades has seen a shift towards vodka, making it the dominant martini today.

    Great Vodka For Dirty Martinis

    It helps to know a bit about your vodka if you want to make a great martini of any sort. We can get into gin martinis another time because that is a whole other topic. But, for vodka martinis, just like gin, the quality of the alcohol makes a big difference.

    This is a cocktail where you are meant to taste the alcohol, not bury it. Use cheap booze in some sort of sugary and syrupy mixer meant to hide it. For cocktails like dirty martinis, you want to taste the spirit, not conceal it.

    These days, there are so many varieties of vodka to choose from. There are great domestic vodkas and of course the ever popular Russian, Polish, Swedish and French vodkas.

    Lets just say it isnt hard finding a good vodka. The hard part is picking one among so many!

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    What Is The Best Vodka Martini

    The 5 Best Vodkas for Vodka Martinis For a Clean Martini: Zirkova Together For a Full-Bodied Martini: Ultimat Vodka, $25 For an Earthy Martini: Industry Standard Vodka, $36 For a Dry Martini: The Walter Collective For an Herbaceous Martini: Cardinal Spirits Vodka, $25 For a Zesty Martini: Chopin Rye Vodka, $30

    Best Vodka For A Vodka Martini

    How To Make An Extra Dry Vodka Martini - (3)

    Determining the best vodka for your martini is, again, a matter of taste. Use an unflavored vodka of the best quality you can afford. While vodka is considered “tasteless,” different vodkas have subtle flavor differences. The key is finding a well-distilled vodka that is smooth and not harsh that has flavor notes you enjoy. Some good brands for a vodka martini include the following:

    • Grey Goose is a French vodka distilled from winter wheat. It’s a very smooth vodka that makes silky martinis.
    • Belvedere vodka from Poland is distilled from rye. It’s a smooth vodka that makes a polished martini.
    • Chopin potato vodka is a potato vodka from Poland that’s good for people who are extra gluten-sensitive. It’s got good flavor and makes a tasty martini.

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    How Do You Order A Martini Like A Pro

    How to Order a

  • Gin or Vodka. While the classic is a gin-based cocktail, you can order yours like the worlds most famous spy, with vodka as opposed to gin.
  • Shaken or Stirred. Traditionally, are stirred for about 30 seconds with ice and then strained to keep the consistency velvety and smooth.
  • Wet, Dry or Perfect.
  • What Does A Vodka Martini Taste Like

    A gin martini should invoke herbal, pine notes: like a drinkable ice cube infused with an evergreen forest. A vodka martini should be a blank slate, with nothing but the mildest hint of sweet greenery lingering on the palate. If olives are used, a general saltiness should surround the whole experience.

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    Here Are Some Simple Tips To Make The Perfect Vodka Martini


    Although it seems contradictory, dilution is important to a great vodka martini. When prepared properly a martini should never need ice. Its should be served straight up. The dilution happens when the martini is stirred.

    Skip the shake

    Although James Bond says shake, the perfect martini should be stirred. By stirring with the ice and vermouth, the martini will be chilled and all the ingredients will be incorporated.

    Size matters

    When youre using ice to chill the martini, use a big ice cube, like cocktail ice. The little slivers of the ice will help to chill and dilute. Crushed ice is not a good idea.

    Fresh ingredients, including the vermouth

    Since a martini is just a handful of ingredients, it is important to have a fresh bottle of vermouth on hand. Vermouth oxidizes, which ruins the flavor. If you havent used that bottle recently, it is best to get a new one. Also, store the vermouth in the refrigerator once its open.

    The glass matters

    Sure that Ina Garten martini glass is impressive, but a smaller martini glass is a better choice. The small glass helps to keep that martini chilled longer. Also, chill the glass first.

    With all these expert tips, heres how to make the perfect martini.

    The Ketel One Perfect Martini



    What makes an extra dry martini extra dry? ›

    First, 'dry' indicates that very little vermouth has been added to the cocktail, so the gin is the primary focus. The typical ratio is 6 parts gin to 1 part vermouth. However, order 'extra dry' and you'll get the slightest splash of vermouth, or even just a glass-coating wash.

    What makes a vodka martini dry? ›

    What makes a martini cocktail dry is a lower level of vermouth – a dry martini cocktail has a low vermouth to vodka ratio. The less vermouth you put in, the drier a martini cocktail becomes.

    What is a vodka extra dry? ›

    Extra Dry: No vermouth is used. Wet: A larger measure of dry vermouth is used. Dirty: Made with muddled olives or olive brine. The “dry” designation has always been a source of confusion for those new to the Martini.

    What do you mix with Martini Extra Dry? ›

    1. 1 Splash Dry Vermouth.
    2. 2 Ounce(s) Gin.
    3. Lemon twist or green olive.

    What flavors are in Martini Extra Dry? ›

    Launched on New Year's Day in 1900 - Martini Extra Dry combines raspberry and lemon peel, with the violet-scented tartness of Florentine Orris. Light, zesty and fragrant overall, Extra Dry's crisp nature stands up well to sharp, acidic flavours, and will cut straight through rich foods, such as oily fish.

    What percentage is Martini Extra Dry? ›

    Martini Extra Dry, 15% vol - 75cl | Tanners Wines.

    Which vermouth is best for vodka martini? ›

    The best vermouth for a vodka martini is one you'd enjoy on its own. Try more citrus-forward, floral, or even herbal and savory vermouths, rather than those with subtle or primarily grape-prominent profiles. Instead of a dry vermouth, meant to allow gin's botanicals to shine, opt for a bolder blanc/bianco offering.

    Is an extra dry martini just vodka? ›

    The Dry Martini

    Any martini can be made with either vodka or gin. These days, the flourishing of boutique gin distilleries has made the gin martini very in vogue, but a vodka martini is a very smooth, clean option. The "dry" part of the equation refers to the amount of vermouth that's in the drink.

    What is the ratio for a martini? ›

    The ratio is negotiable, but common formulas for a Dry Martini typically fall in the range of four-to-eight parts gin to one part vermouth. A dash of orange bitters ties the room together. Despite the exacting demands of a certain fictional British spy, the Martini is meant to be stirred, not shaken.

    What's the difference between martini and extra dry? ›

    "Where people get confused is that when you request a 'dry' martini, it doesn't mean you want more dry vermouth — it means you want less vermouth," Kats says. A typical dry martini will have a drizzle of dry vermouth while an "extra-dry" martini will only have a drop or two of dry vermouth (sometimes even none at all).

    What is the difference between dirty and extra dry martini? ›

    Having your drink dirty brings a salty, olive-y, flavor and makes it a little cloudy looking. Good if you don't like the taste of alcohol. Dry: Drizzle of vermouth. Extra dry means even less vermouth, as in, a splash.

    What is a martini called without vermouth? ›

    Bone-dry: a martini made with extremely little or no vermouth.

    Do you shake or stir a dry martini? ›

    Martinis, Manhattans, Old-Fashioneds — basically any booze-forward drink should be stirred. Stirring these drinks produces “a silky mouth-feel with precise dilution and perfect clarity,” Elliot says.

    How many times do you stir a martini? ›

    The general rule is to stir a cocktail for at least 30 seconds, or about 50 rotations around the glass. You can stir for longer—some bartenders prefer to stir martinis for a full minute or more.

    How long can you keep Martini Extra Dry? ›

    Extra dry vermouth can be kept for up to 1 year when kept in a cool, dry place. It is best to refrigerate after opening to prolong the shelf life and maintain its taste.

    How much sugar is in Martini Extra Dry? ›

    Martini & Rossi Extra Dry Vermouth is made with less than 30g/L of sugar.

    What does martini extra dry with a twist mean? ›

    While ordering your cocktail “with a twist” means that your cocktail will come with a piece of lemon rind giving your martini a bit of a citrusy taste.

    What Colour is extra dry martini? ›

    A straw coloured vermouth with a sharper perfume, it reveals raspberry, lemon and the subtler hints of iris. This aromatic wine is dry without being bitter; with a white wine base it allows the aromas to come alive.

    How many shots of vodka are in a dry martini? ›

    Martini recipes vary depending on who you ask, but most bartenders agree that a classic Martini contains two shots of vodka or gin and half an ounce of dry vermouth. Some variations call for a splash of olive juice or a dash of bitters, but the essential ingredients are always the same.

    What Martini has the most alcohol? ›

    Bone Dry Martini

    A Martini is made using either gin or vodka with the addition of vermouth, a fortified wine which has a low alcohol content. Removing the vermouth from this mix makes this drink 'bone dry' and possibly one of the most alcoholic drinks you can get, as it's made with 100 per cent alcohol.

    How many drinks is a dry martini? ›

    If you're ordering a Martini out at a nice cocktail bar, it will likely be served in a coupe or Nick & Nora glass, both of which are perfect for holding the classic Martini, which comes out to around 3 ounces, or two standard drinks.

    What brand of vodka does James Bond use in his martini? ›

    Viewers have seen James Bond drink his famous Smirnoff vodka martini from the very first Bond film, Dr. No (1962). In Goldfinger (1964), James Bond first requests a 'martini, shaken not stirred' while on Auric Goldfinger's private jet.

    Why do you put vermouth in a vodka martini? ›

    For a potent and punchy Martini, Howard uses two and a half ounces of vodka to a half-ounce of vermouth, and adds an extra half-ounce of vermouth for a more floral build. Vermouths like the velvety, fruity, and slightly sweet Carpano bianco soften and round a Martini's texture.

    What is a dirty dry martini? ›

    "Dirty" simply refers to the addition of olive juice or brine. It's a classic cocktail that is very easy to mix up and one of the most popular variations on the original gin martini. You can make this drink as dirty as you like by pouring the olive juice to suit your taste.

    What is a vodka only martini called? ›

    Vodkatini / Vodka Dry Martini - the classic with just vodka and dry vermouth.

    What is a martini with a twist called? ›

    Dirty. If you like your Martini with an extra-savory twist, this is the call for you. Made with a bar spoon or two of olive brine, and traditionally garnished with olives, a Dirty Martini can be made with either gin or vodka.

    What is the olive Rule martini? ›

    When a Martini is served with three olives on a toothpick, seasoned drinkers might enjoy one with the first sip. The rest are consumed once the drink is finished. For such a simple garnish, the olive is subject to one simple rule: The olives topping Martinis must always be in groups of three or singular.

    What is the formula of martini? ›

    Martini (cocktail)
    IBA official cocktail
    Standard garnishOlive or lemon twist
    Standard drinkwareCocktail glass
    IBA specified ingredients60 mL (2.0 US fl oz) gin 10 mL (0.34 US fl oz) dry vermouth
    PreparationPour all ingredients into mixing glass with ice cubes. Stir well. Strain into chilled martini cocktail glass.
    6 more rows

    Is 3 Martinis too many? ›

    Two are too many, and three. are not enough." - James Thurber 🍸 #ESQUIREatQ.

    Can you drink martini extra dry straight? ›

    Martinis call for dry vermouth. Martinis can be served straight up (no ice) or on the rocks (with ice). A straight-up martini is served in a martini glass (see picture above). A martini on the rocks is served in a rocks glass.

    What are the three types of martini? ›

    Martini Variations
    • Vodka vs Gin Martini: When you order a Martini in a bar, it should be gin and vermouth, never vodka. ...
    • Sweet & Dry Vermouth: ...
    • Dorothy Parker & the 3 Martinis: ...
    • Wet & Dry Martini: ...
    • Martini glasses were modelled on Madonna's brazier: ...
    • Desert Martini or a Churchill Martini. ...
    • Bone Dry. ...
    • Dry Martini.

    Are martinis better with gin or vodka? ›

    Gin is the way to go if you prefer tart and flavorful martini beverages. Vodka may be a clear choice if you want something smoother and more classic. While this debate is likely to be never-ending, this also means that neither choice is going anywhere anytime soon. The best gin martini is botanical, earthy, and sweet.

    What vermouth do you use in a martini? ›

    Traditionally, dry vermouth (also known as white or French vermouth) is used for a classic martini, while sweet vermouth (also known as red or Italian vermouth) is used in the old-school Martinez, as well as whiskey-based drinks like the Manhattan.

    What is a skinny girl martini? ›

    1 1/4 ounces vodka. 1/2 ounce green apple schnapps. 1 ounce fresh lemon juice. 1/2 ounce Simple Syrup. Green apple slices, for garnish.

    What can you use instead of olive juice in a martini? ›

    Lee Katrincic of Corpse Reviver bar in Durham, North Carolina, suggests swapping olive juice with caperberry brine. Use the same amount that you would with olives, but the end result puts a tangier bite on the average dirty martini.

    Why do people order martinis without vermouth? ›

    But there are still any number of reasons someone might want to order a martini without vermouth, including but not limited to the possibility that they still want a large serving of chilled booze served in a stemmed glass with an olive in it. And “extra dry martini” is way fewer syllables. And it sounds cooler.

    How long should you stir a martini? ›

    How long should you stir a martini with ice to achieve optimal flavor? Most recipes for a classic martini advise stirring with ice for about 30 seconds. To see if extra stirring was worth it, we made four martinis, adding 1 1/4 cups of ice, 3 ounces of gin, and 1 ounce of vermouth to each of four cocktail shakers.

    Why does James Bond shake his martini? ›

    To disperse the oil, Bond ordered his martinis shaken; thus, in the same scene where he orders the martini, he tells the barman about how vodka made from grain rather than potatoes makes his drink even better. Shaking is also said to dissolve the vermouth better, making it less oily tasting.

    What drink did James Bond drink? ›

    Bond?” His reply, “Just a drink. A martini, shaken not stirred.” Since then the vodka martini has been a constant presence in 007's world. It came to the forefront once again with the arrival of Daniel Craig as Bond in 2006's Casino Royale.

    What is the best time to drink a martini? ›

    At midday, past noon, try a Gin or a Silver Fizz, a Pick-Me-Up, a Bellini or a Mimosa will suit perfectly for a quick break. Before lunch, there's nothing better than a Dry Martini, always remembering that one is little and more than two is too much.

    Is martini better with olive or twist? ›

    The garnish on a Martini is meant to enhance or feature the aspect you like most about the gin or vodka, and vermouth. If you like savory, go for an olive or onion. If you want to bring out the bright clean citrus or floral notes, go for a twist.

    Why does a bartender shake a cocktail? ›

    What are the benefits of shaking a cocktail over stirring? Drinks will be chilled and dilute in a shorter amount of time. Shaking also provides smoother texture and a bit of froth due to aeration. This texture and foam are desirable in, say, a daiquiri, but not a martini.

    Should martini be stored in fridge? ›

    Oxygen hits the liquid immediately after the bottle is opened. Whether it's dry vermouth (maybe you're making a Fifty-Fifty Martini), sweet red vermouth (for negronis), or the in-between bianco (for a new twist on a negroni), it needs to go in the fridge—where it won't last longer than a few months.

    Should martini be cold or room temperature? ›

    A martini should always be served up in a chilled glass, but the garnish you use is up to preference.

    How do you store extra dry martini? ›

    To maintain the quality of an open bottle for 1 month or perhaps a bit longer, always keep your vermouth tightly sealed in the refrigerator. Unopened bottles, on the other hand, can be stored in a cool, dry, dark place for up to 3 years.

    What is a martini vs dry vs extra dry? ›

    "Where people get confused is that when you request a 'dry' martini, it doesn't mean you want more dry vermouth — it means you want less vermouth," Kats says. A typical dry martini will have a drizzle of dry vermouth while an "extra-dry" martini will only have a drop or two of dry vermouth (sometimes even none at all).

    Does extra dry mean more or less vermouth? ›

    Extra dry means even less vermouth, as in, a splash. Wet: More than a drizzle of vermouth. Sweet: Sweet vermouth instead of dry vermouth. Perfect: Equal parts sweet and dry vermouth for a balanced flavor.

    Is Martini Extra Dry the same as vermouth? ›

    You can indicate your preference for less vermouth in a Martini by asking for it “dry” or even “extra dry,” though some will argue that an extra dry Martini should contain no vermouth at all (as Winston Churchill famously noted), at which point you're really just drinking chilled gin.

    Why put vermouth in a martini? ›

    Dry vermouth is a fortified, flavored wine. It has a characteristically dry (not at all sweet), herbal flavor. Vermouth acts as a modifier in the classic Martini, meaning that it softens and opens up the flavors of the gin.

    What is a martini without vermouth called? ›

    Bone-dry: a martini made with extremely little or no vermouth.

    What is the best vermouth for vodka martini? ›

    Instead of a dry vermouth, meant to allow gin's botanicals to shine, opt for a bolder blanc/bianco offering. Vermouths like Carpano Bianco, Channing Daughters VerVino Vermouth Variation 5 or Imbue Bittersweet Vermouth provide enough backbone and depth to keep your vodka martini interesting.


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