20 Best Hindi Karaoke Songs with Lyrics (2023)

In case you were wondering how to make your social gatherings more fun, we suggest you throw a karaoke party and sing some of thebest Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics.

The origins of karaoke are traced to Japan, where it first appeared in the 1970s. Nowadays, karaoke represents a worldwide phenomenon. The world has embraced karaoke as a source of entertainment and fun in a relatively short period of time. We, at Insider Monkey too, recognize its potential for making our dull days more fun which is why we write and publish articles about it. Last time we offered you the list of theBest English Karaoke Songs with Lyricsand this time we are bringing you the list of 20 best Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics. The list contains some of the latest Hindi karaoke songs, as well as some of the old Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics, offering something for everyone.

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There is something fun about watching your friend go up on a small stage, under the influence of a couple of beers he drank to numb his senses, and seeing him perform his favorite song while showing off his best moves. The fact that he misses most of the notes and sounds like a cat that’s being dragged over the floor is simply irrelevant. What matters is that everyone gets to live the life of a pop star and forget about their daily worries, even if it be for ten minutes. Karaoke Hindi songs by Kishore Kushmar are definitely dominating the list, so our guess is, your friend would probably sing one of these songs.

If all of the standard activities your social group indulges in have become somewhat boring, we suggest you throw a karaoke party at a pub you regularly go to or at your place. Wherever it is you decide to meet, it is granted you will have fun, especially if you sing the songs from our list of 20 best Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics. To create the list we referred toRed karaokeandMergana, where we managed to observe which Hindi karaoke songs are the most popular. These are the web pages where you can find free karaoke Hindi songs with lyrics. Let’s check them out and sing along together!

20. Ye Shaam Mastaani by Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar seems to be rocking our list! This song originally appeared in 1970 movie Kati Patang. R. D. Burman composed music for the movie. Ye Shaam Mastaani and Pyar Deewana Hota Hein were two songs appearing on the soundtrack which gained much popularity. It is a fun song to sing and the audience will probably sing along with you.

19. Chhokar Mere Man Ko by Kishore Kumar

The song is part of the soundtrack for 1981 Indian drama Yaarana or Friendship. Three songs from the soundtrack gained huge popularity and are popular even today, Chhokar Mere Man Ko being one of them.

18. Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein by Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh

This is another song you can have fun with while performing it with your friend. The original song first featured in an Indian romantic drama Kabhie Kabhie, or Sometimes. Kabhie Kabhie was noted for its soundtrack. The music for the movie was composed by Khayyam, who was awarded Filmfare Award for Best Music. The Best Lyrics Award was given to Sahir Ludhianvi who wrote lyrics for Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein. Mukesh, who is singing the song was also awarded the Best Male Playback Singer.

17. Chalte Chalte by Kishore Kumar

Chalte Chalte appears in the movie of the same title, filmed in 1976. It should not be confused with 2003 movie starring Shah Rukh Khan and Rani Mukerji. This 1976 movie was especially noted for its soundtrack too. There are two versions of the song, both performed by Kishore Kumar. The song is about remembrance. Despite being parted, the singer suggests to his lover that she should “never say goodbye”.

16. Uska Hi Banana by Arijit Singh

Uska Hi Banana appears on the soundtrack for the movie 1920: The Evil Returns which was filmed in 2008. Only Bollywood can make the combination of horror plotline and love lyrics work. Watching a horror movie, one would not expect to hear a song which has such a poetic quality to it.

15. O Mere Dil Ke Chaen by Kishore Kumar

The original song appears in a 1972 movie Mere Jeevan Saathi, but there is also a cool cover performed by Sanam. The cover appears on the album titled A Tribute to R. D. Burman Vol. 2, which features songs composed by a famous Indian composer in the album title. The singer prays to find peace in his heart, “O mere dil ke chaen, chaen aaye mere dil ko dua kijiye, o mere dilke chaen.”

14. Kaun Tujhe by Palak Muchhal

The song features on 2016 Indian movie M. S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. The film was a critical and commercial success. Amaal Mallik composed the soundtrack for the movie. It won the Screen Award for the Best Female Playback. You can try showing the best of your vocal abilities singing this song. That is why this song found its place on our list of the best Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics.

13. Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye by Kumar Sanu and Sadhna Sargam

Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye features in Jurm, 1990 movie which is considered to be both critical and commercial success. The music for the movie was composed by Rajesh Roshan. The song is a romantic duet sang by Kumar Sanu and Sadhna Sargam and is a cover of 500 miles. Perhaps this is the song you should go with in case you want to perform with your partner.

12. Tu Jaane Na by Atif Aslam

The song is on the soundtrack of the Indian romantic comedy filmed in 2009, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani or Unique Prem’s Amazing Story. The film was a huge commercial success and declared a blockbuster. That probably explains the popularity of the song. The song ranks among top 10 popular Hindi karaoke songs on Red karaoke. The song was nominated for three awards, International Indian Film Academy Award for best playback singer, Filmfare Award for best playback singer, and GiMA Award for best male playback singer.

11. Chura Liya Hai Tumne Do Dil Ko by Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi

Given that this song is performed in a duet, it could be an inexhaustible source of entertainment for karaoke nights with your friends. Performing a duet with a friend of yours while acting it out certainly is fun. The song features in 1973 Indian movie Procession of Memories, or Yaadon Ki Baaraat.

10. Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin by Kumar Sanu and Anuradha Paudwal

The song appears on the soundtrack of 1991 romantic drama of the same title. The music for the movie was composed by Nadeem-Shravan, song lyrics were written by Faaiz Anwar. The song is about the restlessness of heart caused by infatuation. It is a good choice of a song to sing in a duet with your partner.

9. Rim Jhim Gire Saawan by Kishore Kumar

This is yet anotherone on the list ofbest Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics,by Kishore Kumar which made our list of the most popular Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics. The song appears on the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed movie Manzil filmed in 1979. The female version of the song is sung by Lata Mangeshkar.

8. Mile Ho Tum Humko by Tony Kakkar and Neha Kakkar

The song first featured in 2016 Indian thriller Fever. You can try singing it alone or with someone in a duet. Either way, it is a fun song to sing. As the song states “Mile ho tum humko bade naseebon se” or “I have found you with great luck”, lyrics that would melt anyone’s heart. It will definitely have an effect on your audience.

7. Lag Jaa Gale by Lata Mangeshkar

The song features in 1964 black and white movie Won Kaun Thi?, the English title of which is Who is she? The song has 920 recordings on Red karaoke and is among the most popular Hindi karaoke songs on Mergana which is why it ended up on our list of 20 best Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics. The singer addresses someone whom she might never see again.

6. Tere Galiyan by Shraddha Kapoor and Ankit Tiwari

The unplugged version of the song is popular for karaoke, however, nothing prevents you from trying to sing along to the original version performed by Ankit Timwari. The song first appears in 2014 movie Ek Villain, noted for its commercial success. It is an amazing heart touching song you will definitely have fun performing.

5. Kahin Door Jab Din by Mukesh

Khanin Door Jab Din is a soundtrack of an award-winning movie Anand, filmed in 1970. The song is one of the famous Hindi karaoke songs, which is to be credited to the popularity of the movie it appears in as well as to the fact that it is fairly easy to sing. The song is about loving someone far away who, despite being far, is able to touch the heart of the singer.

4. Dheere Dheere Se by Kumar Sanu and Anuradha Paduwal

While the original song is placed second on Red karaoke’s list of most popular Hindi karaoke songs, where this song got 1663 recordings, we suggest you listen to the cover performed by Yo Yo Honey Singh too. It is why it ended up on our list of best Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics.The original features in 1990 Indian musical Aashiqui, or Love. The soundtrack of the movie was rated fourth on the list of 100 Best Bollywood Soundtracks created by Planet Bollywood.

3. Aa Chal Ke Tujhe by Kishore Kumar

At number three on our listofbest Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics we have this song that first appears in Hindi drama filmed in 1964, Door Gagan Ki Chhaon Mein. The movie is an adaptation of American movie The Proud Rebel. The song is a metaphor of the statement that when we are with the ones whom we love dearly, all the worries and problems perish. As the song states, “Sapano ke aise jahan mein jahan pyaar hi pyaar khila ho, Hum jaa ke vahan khoo jaaye shikuva na koyi ghila ho”.

2. Main Tenu Samjhawan by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Farah Anwar

There are a couple of perks to singing the karaoke version of this song, you can choose whether you will do the unplugged version or not and you can sing it in a duet. Beautiful melody and lyrics speak for themselves. This song has an amazing 2517 recordings onRed karaoke, placing it on top of the list of the most popular Hindi karaoke songs.

1. Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas by Kishore Kumar

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas appears as a soundtrack of 1973 movie Black Mail, through which it gained its popularity. To date it remains one of the most popular Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics. This song might be a perfect medium for you to express your feeling for your loved one in the audience by singing “Pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho”, or “You are near my heart every moment”.

We hope you will enjoy singing some of the songs from our list of 20 best Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics.


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